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I'm a little Girl from Germany, with lot of Dreams . I'm no one, I can dream. I know, none of them will come true . Like my biggest Dream. Meeting Justin Drew Bieber! I will never meet him. I know this. I'm crying every night my eyes out. But there won't be any possibilities. I know this. And this is killing me.
i love him, like fuck.
I'll be a B E L I E B E R for ever. This will never Change.



Let me explain something to you. One Direction have 6 million followers 

18% are, in fact, fake.

40% are inactive

42% are “real directioners” (which makes no sense because half of you are recycled Beliebers anyway)

This leaves One Direction’s number of followers to 252,000.

so, this means Justin STILL has more followers then One Direction. Before you state facts, learn your own.


Every single Belieber. 

this is so sad. :(

this is so sad. :(

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